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St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Grant LaFleche

I am a veteran investigative journalist and political columnist, currently working at the St. Catharines Standard, which is part of the PostMedia network, in Niagara Region, Ontario. My work has been featured in the Niagara PostMedia group of papers, as well as PostMedia papers across Canada.


Investigative series: Missing Since April

A special three part investigation into the unsolved case of missing woman Ashley Simpson, who vanished in the B.C. Mountains in 2016.
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EXCLUSIVE: Bridge audit leaked

The secret forensic audit report into the Burgoyne Bridge replacement project has identified a cornucopia of conflict of interest problems at Niagara Region. The Deloitte Canada report — it cost taxpayers $500,000 — probed relationships between Niagara Region employees and contractors going back to 2008, and found the Region has insufficient policies to guide procurement and hiring practices.
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Season 1: Lake to Lake Podcast

The Lake to Lake podcast is the official podcast of the St. Catharines Standard, Niagara Falls Review and the Welland Tribune. Hosted by columnist Grant LaFleche, the podcast covers issues and local news from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie.
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HEART OF THE CITY: Those left behind

A wisp of a man with shoulder-length grey hair and a wild beard, he was an unnoticed fixture downtown, often wandering the streets in an oversized coat draped over his grey clothing. Tom drew little attention to himself as he walked past those who have learned not see people like him. He was so invisible, no one seems to know for sure what his name was.
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LIVE: Man undergoes cardiac operation

Live coverage of a new cardiac procedure at the Niagara Health System as it was conducted.
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LaFleche: Want to help? Then get your hands dirty.

Take a hard look at this photo from Guatemala. This is life outside of the comfortable Canadian bubble. Two children, sitting in a sea of trash, not far from where piles of garbage burn, wait for their mother to finish scavenging along side the cows, a pig, a dog, and huge, jet-black vultures. Do you wonder what that mother is thinking? Did she ever have dreams of another life? What does she want her children's lives to be?be?
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Friday the 13th may have finished Trudeau

Unless you happen to be a member of the Liberal Party of Canada. Then you might have cause for dread. Because Friday, Jan. 13, 2017, might be the day the Liberals lost the next federal election. True, the leaderless Conservatives don’t have the necessary focus to form a government. For the moment, these factors favour Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
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LaFLECHE: A cycle that has to end

There was nothing in the long row of battered shopping carts of any real value. A few dollars worth of old cardboard, broken containers and yellowing newspapers stacked alongside worn out sheets of carpet, plastic bags and a few blankets. Garbage. Less than worthless. Except to John Puto.
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A 19-year-old social conservative beat Tory heavyweights to run as PC candidate in Ontario by-election

Chances are you have never heard of Sam Oosterhoff. But the 19-year-old social conservative and Brock University political science student has become a key figure in Ontario provincial politics. On Saturday, Oosterhoff won the race to become the Ontario Progressive Conservative candidate for Niagara West-Glanbrook, the territory of former PC party leader Tim Hudak.
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Local woman battles breast cancer

It's the little things, the everyday things, that Britiney Turasz will have to adapt to. Having a job. Not being exhausted. Going out with her husband. Having hair again. For 10 months that might as well have been a life time, Turasz's existence was a series of doctors appointments and treatment sessions, punctuated by nausea, weakness and the inescapable feeling that the Reaper wasn't far behind.
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Bute's career on line against Johnson

There is an old adage that claims the only way to truly know a man is to fight him. In the heat of combat, a person is revealed for who they really are. Coward or Warrior. Villain or Hero. Commoner or King. Legendary boxing trainer Teddy Atlas made the point more simply. The boxing ring, he says, is the Chamber of Truth.
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The Grant Rant Blog

Grant LaFleche's weekly blog and podcast featuring political commentary about Niagara, Ontario, Canada and beyond.
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Grant LaFleche

Grant LaFleche is an award-winning journalist and columnist with the St. Catharines Standard in Niagara, Ontario.

Since he started at the Standard in 1998, Grant has been nominated for 21 Ontario Newspaper Awards and two National Newspaper Awards. His work appears in Postmedia's Niagara newspapers, in the Toronto Sun chain of papers and the National Post.

Grant is the co-founder of the Pearl Gloves charity boxing show and a certified Boxing Ontario trainer.


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