Grant LaFleche


St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Grant LaFleche

I am a veteran investigative journalist currently working for the Toronto Star investigative team and the St. Catharines Standard, in Ontario, Canada. I have been nominated for 27 Ontario Newspaper Awards and five National Newspaper Awards, three Canadian Association of Journalists Awards, and the Michener Award for public service journalism.


COVID-19 conspiracy theories are spreading online like a virus. An inside look at a dangerous misinformation movement that’s spilling into the real world

Using hashtags like #nomorelockdowns as a signal flare to attract new followers, online communities have grown rapidly by providing common ground for believers in a kaleidoscope of conspiracy theories and pushing claims that the pandemic is an elaborate hoax to undermine liberty. Like the virus, the hashtag #nomorelockdowns has spread across borders, taking root in India, the U.S., the U.K. and Canada, where its use has intensified.
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This Ontario mayor known for COVID-19 disinformation asked a woman online if her vaccine changed her menstruation

An Ontario mayor who has peddled pandemic disinformation is under fire after he went on Facebook to ask a woman if the COVID-19 vaccine impacted her menstruation. West Lincoln Mayor David Bylsma — who has suggested international images of body bags and hazmat suits were part of a ploy to instill fear and has been charged for speaking at an anti-lockdown rally — sent the message to Emily Spanton, a Niagara homeless outreach worker.
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Life disrupted as COVID-19 arrived in Niagara

This is a story of a year of struggle and survival, of frustration and tears, of death and of hope. Part 1 of 3.
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Investigative Series: ALL THE CHAIR'S MEN

Port Colborne councillor and NPCA manager David Barrick asks regional treasurer Jason Burgess to start praising D'Angelo to other regional employees in advance of his eventually hiring. Doing so would earn Burgress "influence" with D'Angelo, Barrick says in an email.
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The Wolf in Priest's Clothing: Complete series

From the age of 9 until he was 12 William O'Sullivan was sexually abused by Catholic priest Donald Grecco. That abuse set O'Sullivan on a path that landed him a Catholic boys school infamous for clergy abuse, and eventually in prison. Decades after it happened, O'Sullivan reported what Grecco did to him as a boy and his one-time priest is now facing a prison sentence.| This series won an Ontario Newspaper Award and a National Newspaper Award.
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Grant LaFleche

Grant LaFleche is an award-winning investigative journalist with the St. Catharines Standard in Niagara, Ontario.

Since he started at the Standard in 1998, Grant has been nominated for 27 Ontario Newspaper Awards, where he has been twice nominated as the journalist of the year. He has also been nominated for five National Newspaper Awards, the Canadian Journalism Foundation Jackman Award for excellence in journalism and three Canadian Association of Journalists awards.

He has also been nominated for the Michener Award for public service journalism, the Canadian equivalent of the Pultizer Prize gold medal for public service journalism.

His 2017 investigative series, The Wolf in Priest's Clothing, won the Ontario Newspaper Award for feature writing and the National Newspaper Award for local journalism.

His two-year investigation into corruption at Niagara's regional government played a major role in triggering an Ontario Ombudsman’s investigation into the Niagara Region and impacted the 2018 municipal election. That series won two Ontario Newspaper Awards, a National Newspaper Awards and a Canadian Association of Journalists Award. It also earned LaFleche his Michener nomination.

LaFleche is currently a member of the Toronto Star investigative team, focusing on long term, hard target investigative projects.



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